Fear and Procrastination

It's wedding season!  I have been hitting the wedding gigs hard this month.  It feels good to be out every weekend playing music for people.  I do complain a fair bit about being tired because there is so much driving…

Bans Banter

Good evening pals! 

It's been a wee while since I have written a newsletter.  The past couple of months have been jam packed with exciting things so here we are, have some news, there ya go... 

Album Update 

Catch Rosie's online Gig TONIGHT 7.30pm

I have been stuck in a studio for the past MONTH!  Now I have been set free I am back online and would love to sing some tunes for you! 

Rosie xx

Marching ahead with new music!

Hello everyone!  Happy Friday :) 

I hope this newsletter find you all doing well. 

I have a ton of pretty cool stuff happening at the moment I’d love to share with you...

New album, Identify Yourself, received



Do you know the song?


I've been wi' a couple o' cronies, 
One or two pals o' my ain; 
We went in a hotel, and we did very well, 
And then we came out…

Live Stream Announcement - Wed 8th Feb @ 7pm!

Hello everyone :)

I am back from a very rainy week away and feeling ready to smash back into my work. 

There are loads of exciting things happening this month, all of which I would love to share with…

A toast to a better place!


Hope you are all having a nice Monday evening.  We are nearing the end of January!  I can’t help cast my mind back to this time last year.  I was having a pretty hard time just getting on…

Calling all House Concert Hosts!!


You may have seen in a previous post that I played a house gig recently.  Well I WANT MORE!!! Yes!  This greedy little ginger is hungry for more amazing house gigs around the UK and Germany.  SO!  If you…

House Gig, Barricades Rise, Patreon Update.

Hello everyone!  How are you all doing?

I wanted to tell you about my weekend.  I traveled down to Birmingham on Saturday to play a house gig.  For those who don't know, a house gig is literally a concert that…